”Crystal and I, we have a lot in common, what kind of clothes we like and what kind of movies we like and how we see the world. We have a very honest relationship with each other, which is what I appreciate with Crystal. To find Crystal in this business is really a blessing, to have somebody that is almost like a sister-like relationship.  Even if you don’t talk for a while, you come back together and it’s like you never left.”

“We have to stick together and represent the female presence on our very male dominated set and show.”

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lydia martin appreciation week: day 2 - favourite hairstyles

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As an actor, what you dream of is being able to portray people that people empathize with and understand and really feel for.

They can’t know about this. My mom, my stepdad…I can’t to do this to them again. I got kicked out of school, and I deserved it. The way they looked at me when they saw what I did to that car…They can’t see me like this. Like… like… like a monster.

@Calum5SOS: #5sosfacts whenever I’m shirtless luke always happens to be pantless